Shop - New Zealand Dollars

Just like the other shops, but in lovely New Zealand Dollars!

1 x Entry Fee - 9 New Zealand Dollars

Please also fill in the form on the entry page too.

One entry fee can count for as many teams as you like, i.e. if you take 24 Beavers/Joeys etc bowling, one entry fee will cover you to enter all 4 teams of six Beavers. Or if your group takes Beavers/Cubs/Scouts bowling, that's one entry fee. Or if your district take five cub packs bowling, well, you get the idea, it's one entry fee.


1 x Badge -  3 NZ Dollars (plus 7 dollars postage to New Zealand)

Don't worry you can change the number of badges you want on the basket page, and it's a flat postage rate for how ever many badges you want, so might as well order loads eh?