2014 Results

Here we go folks, great to get some teams from across Europe and the world, thanks for taking part, we'll be doing it again later in the year...

1st 1st Higham Scout Group UK
2nd 14th Canterbury Beavers UK
3rd 1st Johnstown beavers UK
4th 1st Ryde/1st Binstead Beavers UK
5th 3rd Orpington 'The Pathfinders' UK
6th 22nd Bromley (3rd Hayes) Beaver Scouts Colony UK
7th 51st Ipswich Beavers UK
8th 94th Keele Beavers UK
9th 1st Ditton Woodland UK
10th 51st Ormskirk UK
1st 22nd Bromley (3rd Hayes) Cub Scouts Pack UK
2nd 3rd Orpington 'The Pathfinders' UK
3rd Bognor District Cubs UK
4th 7th Bromley. Mowgli Cubs UK
5th 1st Felpham (Wednesday) Cubs UK
6th 11th Bognor Monday Pack UK
7th 4th washington UK
8th 1st South Bersted Cubs UK
9th 6th Tamworth (Amington) UK
10th 1st Felpham Monday Cubs 2 UK
11th 1st Old woking UK
12th 14th Winchester Cub Pack UK
13th 94th Keele Cubs UK
14th 1st Felpham Monday Cubs UK
15th 6th Gosport UK
16th St John's 11th Bognor UK
17th 14th Winchester Cub Pack UK
18th Barming Panther Cubs UK
1st 4th Denton (St Anne's) Scouts UK
2nd Tetbury Scouts UK
3rd 3rd Orpington 'The Pathfinders' UK
4th 1st Cowfold Scouts UK
5th 2nd Newbury Scout Group UK
6th 2nd Oxford Scouts UK
7th Writtle Scouts UK
8th 1st Bishopston Bristol Scouts UK
9th 1st Middleton-on-Sea Scouts UK
10th 1st Old Woking Scouts UK
11th 5th St. Ives UK
12th 2nd Portishead Scouts UK
1st 1st Cowfold Explorers UK
2nd 3rd Orpington 'The Pathfinders' UK
3rd Phoenix -7th Orpington Explorers UK
4th Broadstairs Viking ESU UK
5th Farnham K2 Explorers UK
6th Axe Air Explorers UK
7th 1st Cowfold Explorers UK
8th Drymen - John UK
9th EW Endeavour Amphibious ESU UK
10th Drymen - Zoe UK
1st Gralsritter Urberach Germany
2nd Romford Network (Vikings) UK
3rd North Lake Macquarie Rovers Australia
1st Dorking Explorer Leaders UK
2nd Tetbury Leaders UK
3rd BSO Network Spain
4th 3rd Orpington 'The Pathfinders' UK
5th 14th Winchester Cub Pack UK