Shop - US Dollars

Just like the other shops, but in lovely US Dollars!

1 x Entry Fee - 7.00 US Dollars

Please also fill in the form on the entry page too.

One entry fee can count for as many teams as you like, i.e. if you take 24 Beavers/Joeys etc bowling, one entry fee will cover you to enter all 4 teams of six Beavers. Or if your group takes Beavers/Cubs/Scouts bowling, that's one entry fee. Or if your district take five cub packs bowling, well, you get the idea, it's one entry fee.


1 x Badge -  2 US Dollars (plus 6 dollars postage to the USA)

Don't worry you can change the number of badges you want on the basket page, and it's a flat postage rate for how ever many badges you want, so might as well order loads eh?