Jambowlwii - the virtual Jambowlree

In these trying times we're all scratching around trying to provide activities while we're not meeting face to face, so how about a home based bowling night? It could work!

  • It's just like the main competition, but virtual.
  • You don't have to actually use a wii, it's just that the name is so great we couldn't resist.

The idea is everyone in your troop/colony/unit/pack/mob etc all arrange to "go bowling" for a meeting one week. Or you could set it as a challenge to run for a few days.

  • Everyone set up a wii, installs an app, finds a browser game on a tablet or phone
  • Or maybe get each person to collect some bottles and do some corridor bowling or something.
  • Use a meeting app to "meet" together, zoom, webex, teams, whatsapp, skype etc etc.*
  • Everyone plays the game, then screen shots or photos their score and gives it to you the leader.
  • Leader then enters the scores on the Jambowlree results page.
  • We'll still put a limit of six players per team
  • You can enter as many teams as you like
  • Because games can only take five or ten minutes, it might be better to have a best score of several games rather than from just one.
  • Entry is FREE but you can still buy badges from the shop for handing out when things get back to "normal"

* Please take local safeguarding rules into account

I've had a play, and for an app I'd suggest "Ultimate Bowling", it does have adverts but it's free

If you're looking for just a browser based game, if you search for "The Bowling Club Game" it's a little gimmicky but it's fairly realistic.

Steam has some free VR bowling games but I've not investigated them, VR makes me feel sick!